Sunday, February 25, 2007

Home from Arizona!

This post is mostly directed at our friends & customers in the SCA, since it's about Dancing Pig's first trip to Estrella War...

Darrell has returned both triumphant and broken from Estrella (a SCA War in Ari-frincking-zona)(about 22oo miles from Dancing Pig's World headquarters here in the hills of WVa). He drove out with our friends Jillie/Bran aka the wode monkey & perma drui of the bog & Fael/Wayne aka Khavi's husband/ some Rozakii dude who lives in Philly. They had a great road trip out-- apparently they watched both "Pirates" movies in a continuous loop for 3 days on Fael's laptop. Good times.

Dancing Pig's sales at Estrella weren't as good as we'd hoped-- it was a new site for the event & apparently the gate was down by 60%. All the old hand merchants said that their sales were down accordingly. But the folks were incredibly friendly & here's the best part: Dogs are allowed!!! So we'll be back next year! We're loading the dogs up & i'm going to actually make the trip as well. Darrell's still raving about the landscape & he really wants me to go out there at least once & i think i'll indulge him, especially if i can bring my puppies with me!

Darrell is still broken however, by the cold he somehow managed to bring back with him. It was very dusty and windy & D. thinks he got the cold on the last night of the show, when they had a "going away" sandstorm. So the poor guy had to drive home with with a fever & nasty cold. (Bran & Fael bailed out & flew home from Phoniex) So to make it home, D. would drive 100 miles and then pull into a rest stop to nap for an hour. Not so much with the fun for the poor guy. And sadly, he also managed to kill my digital camera, so no pictures for this post.

We're hanging out at home for this weekend, while Darrell is trying to recover from this cold & i'm trying to avoid getting it. But we're also planning & potting to get ready for Gulf Wars in ::eeek:: less than two weeks! Arrgh! Never mind taking it easy & avoiding the cold; I gotta get off the couch and go trim some pots!

See ya'll at Gulf Wars if you're going! (and you should go, i am!) Apparently Gulf Wars blows Pennsic away, so come play with us!

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Laura said...

Hi Amber! I hope Darrell is feeling better soon! I heard that people had a fabulous time at Estrella - a bunch of our friends flew down for it. (Their plane adventures traveling out on the 14th, not-so-nice.) I hope you have a great time on your trip next year. :-)

And hopefully sometime I can meet those new pups of yours! :-)