Thursday, January 04, 2007

With apologies to Sandra Boyton who had a card years ago w/ cartoons of a Hippo, a Gnu & a Deer-- i'd like to wish you a
Hippo Gnu Deer!
(say this out loud and it might make more sense. Then again, maybe not. Whatever.)
from all of us here at Hearth Hill!

I've got a few New Year's resolutions: to eat more & exercise less & i'm pleased to report a resounding success so far! OK, that's not totally true: I have managed to actually exercise 3 of the past 4 days. Dang! Another resolution blowed! A 3rd resolution is to update this dang blog once a week. We'll see how long my good intentions last with that, but at least know that i'm thinking good thoughts and occasionally putting fingers to keyboard and getting them up here for y'all.

Another aside: the reason i'm writing Dang and blowed up so much is cause my best Christmas present this year (and yes, i'm including the awesome iPod in this statement)(& my plane ticket to Colorado to bother my niece and nephew) came from my sister, who gave me the awesome game REDNECK LIFE. This is a board game, not unlike the old school game of LIFE, but in this much improved version, the goal is to get to the day of reckonin' with the most teeth, the fewest younguns and the smallest debt. You have to get married, divorced, remarried & pay to have your tattoo of your first spouse removed and replaced with the name of your 2nd (discount if they have one or more names in common or if you sleep with your divorce attorney) When you remarry, you roll dice to see how many redheaded stepchildren (i am NOT making this us) named Darrell you end up with. It's pretty funny & silly and very unpolitically correct & if you ever come visit me i'm gonna sit you down on the porch couch and make you play the game with us! Dang! One of you Darrells get me another beer from the yard fridge!

So, here's how i spent my holidays: AT HOME! This is an awesome and unusual feat! I've even managed to clean alot of clutter out of my house and studio. This was in part an attempt to get more organized but mostly motivated by a severe lack of money. Yep, we're broke. AGAIN.

This has driven Darrell back to his roots. Or maybe it was playing REDNECK LIFE. Either way, he's taking all of our cast off clutter and some leather and a bit of pottery down to a flea market in Charleston to make some money for dog food and the cable bill, so we can limp through this month and next. Last weekend he didn't do so good, but the theory is that even though the weather was warm, folks were spending their money on New Year's parties (around here New Year's Eve is a special party night. You get Budweiser longnecks rather than Old Milwaulkie in a can. And Jagermister too!) rather than clutter from the flea market. Just like a craft show, the next one/weekend is always going to be better!

Anyway, if you find yourself in Charleston, WV of a January weekend, come on out to the Capital Flea Market. You can score some cheap used DVDs or pig paraphernalia
(if i'd only known that picking the name Dancing Pig meant i was going to get pig stuff as presents for the rest of my life i might have reconsidered. And then where would we all be?) and a few good stories from Darrell and his pal Three Bears!

Meanwhile, i've actually managed to clean up the studio and i even scored a studio couch at the Goodwill! This beauty cost me all of $10 and it's a great place for the dogs to lounge about while i work. Or, that's the theory anyway. I haven't actually gotten any work done, since i'm having an holiday extension: my friends Ceit and Storm (who we visited in Canada three weeks ago) are here for a quick Christmas break visit (Storm is a teacher in Ontario so she gets extra time to goof off over the holidays. A whole week after New Years. How cool is that?!)

With Ceit and Storm have come their bad dogs, Ashe (a malamute mix) and his big sister Daemon (a sweet fawn colored Great Dane). Daemon is Spike's girlfriend. Or, rather, Spike wants Daemon to be his girlfriend. Daemon is mostly indifferent to Spike's advances.
Ashe is Budgth's mentor in the trouble making department. (like she needed any help!) Between the four of them, our house is all romper room all the time. It's fur filled chaos & we're all really enjoying ourselves. But we have only one more day of slack and dog centered domestic goofing off and then it's back to real life for us: Ceit and Storm and their bad dogs go back to Ontario, Darrell heads to the flea market, and i will have run out of excuses and it's back to the studio for me.

More next week, when i hope to actually have mud under my fingernails!
muddy blessings & wishes for a prosperous New Year for us all!

PS i almost forgot to tell y'all about the real live episode of REDNECK LIFE that happened last week. I was up late, goofing off on the computer when i heard a skid and thud. I peered out, but didn't see anything. Turned on my porch light, just in case anyone needed some help and sure enough about 20 minutes later, i had 3 wet, muddy, slightly stunned and more than a little drunk, teenagers on my front porch. The called for a ride (no ambulance or cops, thanks) and we all waited for someone's Mom to come get them. It turned out that they had put a brand new, bought it that afternoon, F-150 crew cab sunroof 40K pickup truck into the river. If they hadn't caught a rear tire on a tree branch, i think they wouldn't have gotten out of the river alive!
I took some pics of the debacle the following morning before the three wreckers that ended up on the job managed to haul the truck out of the river.