Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Remembering who i wanted to be

it's early July & once again i find my self with not enough time, not enough money & far too much anxiety about Pennsic, one of my favorite shows of the year.
I've been doing this show for twenty{mumblemumble} some years and i still haven't ever felt really ready for it. Guess it's true, some people never learn!
Still, every year i seem to live up to my ex-husband's observation that, to paraphrase:"every year you bitch about how you don't have any pottery ready and every year you then manage to pull an extra 20 boxes of pottery out of your arse in the last week before we go"
It's true, but it's also rather painful, the pulling it out at the last minute trick. Still and all, i guess it beats the alternative which i suppose would be not really having enough pottery ready for War.
and with that entirely predictable whine, i'm off to the studio to make some pots for Pennsic.
See you at War, or if not then, at the Maryland Renn Fest!
with love & exhausted, muddy hugs
~Va aka the mad potter wot posts at midnight