Wednesday, January 16, 2008

we're going back to Florida!
Yep, it's too darn cold & muddy in our WVa river valley, so we're driving south to sunny Florida!
We're looking forward to a week of fun in the sun on the Gulf Coast of Florida on Anna Maria Island, one of my most favorite places in the world!
Then we're heading northish, to central Florida and the Hoggetown Medieval Faire in Gainesville FL. That's happening the last weekend in January & the first weekend of February. Sadly, after that i have to go home to make more pots, but Darrell gets to stay in Florida- he's going to the Florida Renaissance Festival near Fort Lauderdale for five weeks (the rest of February & the first two weekends of March) poor soul!

Then we're all heading back to the Gulf Coast, though it'll be Mississippi this time. Yep, we're going back to Gulf Wars! You should come to, it's just about the most awesome SCA event i've ever been to. Come play with us! & buy some pots too, cause Mama's still without a Mac- yep, i'm still limping along on my refurbished $75 desktop PC & this just won't do! Buy pots, the money will go directly into the "get-Va-a-new-Powerbook-so-she-can-put-some-pictures-on-the-website-&-be-happy-again" fund!
Seriously folks, i'm dying here!

Speaking of computer troubles, here are some pictures for the good folks on the jury for Spoutwood Farm's Fairie Festival: Great pictures of our Leather & Pottery can be found here!