Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ready or not, we're hitting the road

Yep, it's that time of year again. The trees are budding, our river is rising, our back yard is (according to our @ursapup at least) "a glorious mudpit and we're getting ready to (say it in yer best fake Scots accent, laddie) "Hit ta Rrrrrroad" as we seek fame and fortune (well, really, just fortune) (or, if i'm completely honest, enough money for gas, food, the electric bill and the next show's vendor fee) by selling our pottery and leatherwork throughout the mid-Atlantic.
(to the right, our Bug Dog is packing up for a road trip!)

First up, the great Loch Norman Scottish Festival is THIS WEEKEND!!! April 18 & 19 in beautiful Huntersville NC. This is a great show & we have an awesome time in the historic area- it takes a bit of effort to find us, but it's worth the walk. There are several other cool merchants up on our hill, including Crafty Celts and, if we get lucky, Curiosities Made will be there as well!

Sadly, we aren't going to be at the Spring Open House and Studio Tour in Laytonsville MD this coming weekend. Easter has messed up my calendar and i don't have enough pots to stock two shows. But never fear, we'll be back in Laytonsville at Art of Fire for the December Open House!!!

There are lots of other shows looming on our horizon, including two FAIRIE FESTIVALS. Please check our calendar page ( for all the details, and then come on out to play with us! We're planning on a very busy and fun filled spring and we hope we can see YOU soon, at a Festival Near You.

Of course, as always, if you can't make it to a festival, please shop with Dancing Pig online in our Etsy Store:
and don't forget our sister store aka stuff made by my blue eyed, redneck Indian husband and his tribal brother:

Green blessings and muddy hugs from your frantic potter friend