Thursday, June 04, 2009

Festival Season is in full swing!

And fast approaching is one of the highlights of our year, the sweet 16th annual Potomac Celtic Festival!
It's a great good time, an amazing site (& sight as well) full of fantastic crafters, great music & overwhelming Celtic Spirit. Even if you're only Celtic on St. Patrick's Day, you need to come experience this festival. And, buy some pots too, of course!
It's happening June 13 & 14 this year,on the green next to the Morven Park Mansion and Museum in Leesburg, VA.
In addition to our wonderful selves, there will be all sorts of amazing artists there, several of whom rarely come to festivals in the mid-Atlantic region: Capall Glas Studio and Wild Ravens and Tuatha Gallery and Hayman Celtic Jewelry (Michael's coming all the way from Louisiana!). And then there will be many of the great artists from the Maryland Renassiance Festival: Crafty Celts and Wolfstone Kilt Company and Potomac Leatherworks and Misc. Oddiments... I could go on, but you get the idea. Check out PCF's merchant page for links, cause it's late & i'm tired!

So, one last bit of news from us. We've got a new line of pots! They don't really have a name yet, but it'll have something to do with the moons and stars that are the decorative motif. Here's a sneak peak: pretty cool, huh?! I'm gonna have lots of these new guys at Potomac Celtic Festival (she types in her best come hither font) and hopefully there will be some for sale on my Etsy site (which, as we all recall and have bookmarked, is )as well. Soon. No, really. Tomorrow maybe.
But tonight, i'm done. I'm gonna get to sleep, to dream of pots and Celts playing under the trees at PCF. And i hope to see many of you there, then.
Tired and muddy blessings & hugs,