Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dancing Pig Pots now avalible ONLINE!

Yep, we be technocelts! Our shop is up and running at Etsy.
It's awesome. You need to check it out. NOW!

We just updated! It's very keen.
Fast shipping. Reasonable Price.

Pennsic Panic has begun!

Yep, it's officially only a month to Pennsic, and while i'm pleased to report that i'm further ahead than i've been at this time in other years, i'm still a bit paralyzed by panic. In a stupid moment of i don't even have words to describe how overly optimistic i was feeling, i agreed to send Jill away to Canada to complete her yurt for the three weeks before War! Yeah, that was smart. Send the glaze monkey away for the three busiest weeks in the year. Brilliant! (above, a picture of one of our extra bonus dogs, my niece's puppy Luna, who's visiting for a few weeks. Cute, isn't she?! She's slacking off like i wish i could!)

In related news, know anyone who wants to spend a working vacation in West Virginia? Send 'em out, we'll put them to work!

OK, enough kvetching.
How about some bragging?

Here's a sneak preview of this year's Pennsic Mug.

For folks not in the loop, here's how it goes: i've been making these since Pennsic 25. Each year, i make enough mugs to match the year, so this year is Pennsic XXXVII (37) thus, there will be 37 Pennsic mugs, each one numbered on the bottom. I always sell out, usually before Midnight Madness. The last one is spoken for already, #37, but if you'd like a special number set aside for you, drop me an email (pig !at dancingpig dot com) and it will be waiting for you at War!

Other quick updates:
Our truck, the great gray giant, is dead to us. The transmission would have cost $3,000 we didn't have so we turned it in. Now, we're going to shows in a 85 chevy van, that doesn't have A/C or a radio and is very spotty in reverse. The good news is that cost us $800. That's two months of truck payments. We're hoping to get through Pennsic with this beast, and make enough money there to be able to afford a nicer used van. You know, one with reverse. Until then, the white mare is getting us where we need to go. Please send any good used van juju you might have our way! And if you know of any great deals on late 90s work vans, preferably with a heavy duty trannie, a good 8 cylinder engine, working AC and radio and possibly side windows & a body mounted trailer hitch, please let us know. We can't spend more than 4K on this project, but we've got lots of pottery we could barter to sweeten the deal!

The final bit of relevant news is that we've been branching out into the Rendezvous market. Well, i say we, i really mean Darrell. And it's a bit of a homecoming for him, as he used to hang out in that world before he hooked up with me. He's loving it. I really love making the pots for that market, they're very simple and somehow sort of pure. Not to mention very easy to glaze! Always a plus for me. So, if you're into the Rendezvous scene, come check out our trade blanket- right now Darrell's in Ohio at the Old NorthWest Territory Primitive Rendezvous and later in July he's going to be selling at the Feast of the East, just down the road from us in Gandeeville, W.Va.

That's the mid-summer update from DaPig. Hope y'all are less busy and have more money than we have right now, but it's all good. We're still hanging out out here in the hills, slinging mud & swattin' bugs.

See ya at the next show!
Virginia aka Dancing Pig's overworked potter