Sunday, March 23, 2008

y'all know i'm a sucker for dogs, right? well, below, meet Ra, a very wonderful pooch we met & hung out with at the Florida Renaissance Festival last month. Ra worked across the street at the hawk & falcon show. She'd come hide under our tablecloths when she needed a break. But more about that show later...

Spring is Springing! or, as our friends at Art of Fire (the great glass studio & gallery in Maryland) say:
"Spring has sprung.
The grass has rise.
The Art of Fire is where it is."
or, something like that.
Anyway, we're going to be at the Art of Fire for the Countryside Artisans Spring Studio Tour & Open House.
It's happening Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 11 thru 13 from 10 til 5 each day.

We'll have lots of pots fresh from the kiln! In theory, we've been making pots all winter, so come on by and see what's new! Enjoy a spring drive in the country & get some great pottery and glass.
What more could you ask for?! Well, we've got an extra attraction this year- our neighbor at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, Allen Ye Printmaker will also have his tent set up on the lawn with us! It'll be a mini Renn Fest, a spring preview if you like. So come on out & see what all the cool kids have been up to this winter!

And if you want to know where we'll be the rest of this spring, check out our freshly updated calendar here: Pig Futures, Dancing Pig's Calendar page.

If you check that out, you'll notice that our May & June is a bit light at the moment. Do you know of any great shows in the mid-Atlantic or Ohio or West Virginia that would be better if they had our pottery & leather? Please, drop me an email: and let me know about it. Cause i still need a new laptop & the price of gas is kicking our arse right now. We need shows that are cheap, close to home & very very lucrative right now. I know they're out there- we just need your help in finding them!

Thanks for any input you might have.
I'm gonna go make dragon mugs!
opps, but first, a few pictures from our recent "drive south" we went to the Florida Renaissance Festival, here's our booth there:
The theme of our recent southern tour seemed to be packing. Or unpacking. Or packing again. Below, our mascot pig, Amanda, determined not to be left behind:

And i'll leave you with a picture of Jill, our wonderful glaze monkey who has a new title, that of packing b!tch. She can get more stuff into less space than anyone i know. All hail the wonderfullness that is Jill. She's all that got Darrell & me & all our stuff home from Mississippi with all of our stuff (& our marriage) intact.
(you might not be able to tell, but the door of our trailer is actually bulging in the picture below)