Thursday, July 19, 2012


Pennsic mugs loaded in the kiln, before firing
We're in the throes of labor here at Dancing Pig's 
 World Headquarters, but taking a moment to let y'all know we've got lots of cool stuff planned for Pennsic this year, including the return of beer and cookies aka our booth's Grand Opening.

Dancing Pig Pottery is having a party at Pennsic! And you're invited! Wednesday of Peace Week aka August 1st from 7pm til 10pm (or we run out of beer) (or pottery!)

You should know where we are by now, but just in case you want to educate your friends, the best pottery at War is sold at #16 Bow Street (between the bathouse and the barn).

And we are, in fact, holding back our best pots to debut them at this party. All the henna pots, my new Arabesque line & several awesome passion pieces from me, Bran Mydwynter & my apprentice, Panda/Lindsey will all be held back until the party.

So, please, tell your friends and then put on your Celtic or Medieval Finery and come on out to party with the Pig at War!

I gotta go make more pots!

Pennsic mugs, post firing.