Tuesday, July 12, 2011

eBay Fire Sale is now live!

As usual it has been a hectic July, but this year much more hectic than ever... Two hopefully unique events have conspired to increase the already abundant stress in my life.  First, my truck burned up on the way to an event in May.  Luckily, only pottery and possessions were destroyed. No people were harmed, at least physically.

Second, I moved myself and my studio 340 miles northeast to a lovely farm near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This move created the usual chaos and upheaval that any major relocation of personal and professional life does, and required a great deal of assistance. In the course of my move I discovered a plenitude of my own pottery which i had hoarded and stashed over the course of my 25+ years as an active studio potter. There are various examples of my own work which I kept and used, or displayed in my home. Some are prototypes unlike anything else, others are examples I liked too well when they came out of the kiln to sell at the time. My friends and new neighbors who helped me with my move suggested while packing some of these pots that perhaps I could release these items in a one time fire sale to make up some of the income lost from the fire.

We decided to use an auction format on Ebay, as some of the Newgrange pots especially are quite rare. If you purchase one of these items you will be helping me to do what I love, to wit: continue to support myself by making and selling my pottery as well as funding the occasional purchase of chocolate pastries and delightful coffee drinks.

We currently have 30 items listed and live on eBay, with another 40 to come in the next few days. Hopefully you'll find some pots you can't live without, and will shop and bid, early and often.

Here's a link to a lovely Newgrange Cereal Bowl, but be sure to check out all the great pots we've got up... too many to link to here, sorry.