Saturday, May 26, 2012

Late Spring Calendar Update:

Here at Dancing Pig we're slow to update our website but we're disorganized! In response to overwhelming demand (read: 2 inquiries in the past month) we humbly present our revised spring tour info:

May 26, 27 & Memorial Day Monday May 28 and

June 2 & 3 and  
June 9 &10  three weekends! 
Virginia Renaissance Festival Spotsylvania VA

We've returned to a very sweet little show for the 2nd half of their run. Come on down and enjoy a refreshing sojourn in a charming Renaissance Villiage in the woods & meadows of central Virginia. 

June 16 & 17
Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival in Charlton, MA
Our first appearance at this festival. Join us as we leave the day-to-day behind to visit a realm of delight and fancy where Knights and Ladies, Knaves and Wenches, Royalty and Rogues rub shoulders with fantastical beings from myth and legend. This will be our first venture this far north, please come help us make it a successful one!

June 23
Avalon Faerie Festival in Paw Paw WV
this is our first time at this unique Faerie Festival. It's being held at a family friendly, clothing optional resort. The tag line is "where you can wear your wings ~ and nothing else" Worth checking out, don't you think?! We'll be there. With probably more than our wings on. And definitely with lots of pottery!

ok, so the following aren't spring shows exactly, but we'll be there, so you should know about them, and come play with us!

Saturday July 21 10 til 5
Adams County Irish Festival Gettysburg PA
This show is almost literally in our backyard, so we'd be stupid not to give it a try. You should too. Come on out for a rare week-before-War appearance of your favorite frantic potter. Remember: anything you buy here you won't have to haul home from Pennsic (and we won't have to take there either!)

July 27 thru August 12
Pennsic War 41
Cooper's Lake Campground Slippery Rock PA
We had a great War last year, though i think we sold too many pots! (is that even possible?) Anyway, we're planning on coming back for my 28th consecutive War (relax, i've only been selling pots there for 18 or so of those) (& yes, thank you, i know i don't look that old!) What was i talking about? Oh yeah, Pennsic. We'll be there, with lots of pottery. Hopefully enough this time! ***Please note- this is a participant only camping event! You must be in garb to be on site & you must pay for the entire event, regardless of how long you stay***

August 25 thru October 21 Weekends and Labor Day Monday 10am to 7 pm each day

It will be our 13th season at Maryland & we're still having a great time! Come on out to play in the woods. There's great pottery, wenches in bodices, men in tights, pottery, turkey legs, beer, cider, improv & oh yeah, great pottery! We're still in our wonderful space, third booth in on the right from the front gate. So be sure to stop in early and often for lots of-- say it with me-- great pots!

Friday, May 04, 2012


We're up early this morning cause we're on our way to the first day of one of the most awesome shows we do all year. Come out and play with the Fae: all the details are here ~ 

Friday is the best day, cause it's less crowded & there iss the best selection of pottery. Today the magic begins.

We've got all kinds of Henna Pottery & this show is the debut of our newest shape: PLANTERS. All sorts of sizes several types of finishes. Come check them out & buy a few for you and one for Mom (Mother's Day is NEXT WEEKEND)
 (Pics of new pottery tonight. I hope.)

Even if you can't join us, Please, TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!

Thank you!