Monday, July 10, 2006

Early July Update:
We're having a great time here in the hills of West Virginia!
We're busy recovering from the invasion of friends and family and dogs over the past weekend- it seems like there where at least 50 kids and 30 dogs and not nearly enough adults running herd over them!

herre's what our house looked like most of the time:
(these guys are playing, i promise!)

Though really, i don't think we had more than 10 rugrats & maybe three extra bonus dogs and 15 nominal adults up for a camping/hangout weekend event.
We went kayaking and canoeing and swimming in the river and we shot off lots of fireworks. Cold frosty beverages where consumed and songs where sung around the campfire. Fireflies where chased and caught. We watched the moon rise over the mountian. We went hiking and ate too much and played alot. All in all, a very relaxing weekend!

And i still have hangers on! My sister & her kids are visiting from Colorado- they flew into Pittsburgh on Thursday night/Friday morning... ok, it was like this: They landed at 12:06 am Friday morning, but once we gathered up all the luggage and went to the pottie & loaded ourselves up and drove back down to Dancing Pig World Headquarters, it was 5 in the morning.

in this pic, D & Ani catching up on some much needed zzzs.

So, our sleep schedules are still a little screwy, but we're managing. And it's great to have the pitter patter of little feet about the place. I'm really enjoying time with my little sister & her wonderful kids!
We took some time to do a bit of sightseeing. Here's my niece, my sister & me at the overlook for the bridge over the New River (aka the Grand Canyon of the east) (how can the G.C.o.t.E. be in WEST Virginia?!) Anyway:

The nephew is 7 and is a total Harry Potter fanatic. We're dyeing his hair jet black this week so he can look like his idol.
Here's a photo of us "in process"

The niece is 5 and sweet as ever. She's into all things pink and kitties and dollies and is such a girlie girl that i am a bit taken aback- i'm not sure where all this girliness came from, but it is so adorable in her that i am smitten!

Here we are playing with hats at Tammark:

It's all i can do to drag myself away from them so i can work in the studio.
But work i must, for Pennsic LOOMS.
And, as if that wasn't enough stress, we've added two more shows to our schedule for July!
This coming Saturday, July 15 Darrell and the pottery will be sharing a booth with our friends from Foolish Oak Designs at the Adams County Irish Festival near Gettysburg PA:
and then the week after that Darrell and the pottery are heading north, the furthest north we've ever been as a business in fact, to the Blackstone Valley Celtic Festival in Sutton, MA (yes, Massafrickingchusetes!) which is happening July 22 & 23.

So come on out to one of those shows and say hello! And i'll try to keep making pots so we have enough for War and the Renn Fest as well!

I gotta go make pots!