Sunday, February 18, 2007

Don't panic friends, we're still here.
No, really.
Just suffering from the winter blahs.(my guru for all things electronic told me i should keep my posts here brief, pithy & on topic. That was such a challenge that i went into a decline & haven't posted anything for over a month. Thanks Mykl!)

My latest complaint is that i am stuck here, in my sweater & wool socks, drinking hot tea & watching the snow fall in my quiet valley (tonight's forecast: temps in the high teens & more snow) whilst Darrell & our friends Bran & Fael are whooping it up out in Arizona at Estralla. Where the temperatures are a balmy 50 to 70 degrees today.
NOOooo. You must have me confused with someone else.
OK, i'm not totally cranky about all of this. After all, they did have to endure 3 days of driving to get there & Darrell has to make the drive back alone, since apparently the prospect of the return trip was too much for Fael & Bran-- they're flying home-- not something you can manage with a truck full of pottery and trailer full of tents, tables & camping gear. So D. & the truck, trailer & sweaty armor are taking the slow boat home. Hopefully he'll be back by Friday or Saturday next.

Meanwhile, life goes on here. I've even gotten back to work in the studio. I've tested out a new to me clay body & i'm cautiously optimistic about it. The crow pots still only exist in my head, but they're creeping closer to reality. And we even have a new glaze grunt: my neighbor, Cindy, is learning the tricks of that trade. So far she's doing great, though she's soooo slow & careful that i bully her occasionally to lighten up. I remind her constantly of my mantra "the mistakes prove that the pots are made by humans and not machines."

That's all for now from this snow covered and cold valley in WVa!
Keep warm kids & we'll see y'all this spring, with lots o' pots for you to fondle!

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