Friday, April 27, 2007

Pot shots!
I've finally gotten some pictures of my pots up online. Check them out here.
These pics are from Gulf Wars, an SCA show we went to in March 2007, so they're relatively recent. Hope you enjoy them!
And of course, if you ever want to buy some pots from us online, just send us a quick email telling us what you're looking for & we'll go from there! You can always find us at
I've gotta get out to the studio so i can make some more pots. Fairie Festival season is almost upon us!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We're home from our Spring Open House & while we couldn't have asked for better weather, our sales were a bit disappointing. We did get to spend 3 days hanging outside in amazing weather, enjoying the Maryland countryside & visiting with lots of friends & family. That was all good, but sadly, not lucrative. D. claims our sales suffered because the weather was too good!!! can you imagine?! I slapped my hand over his mouth & told him to never utter those words again! Too Good?! Blaspheme! I can (and have) complained about all sorts of things at shows, but never about that the weather was too good! (Don't tell D., but i think he might have had a point-- after several weekends of rotten weather, i think lots of folks opted to stay at home & enjoy the wonderful weather for a change). But what can you do? Well, we just soaked up the sunshine & friendship.
So, we're still broke but we're moving on.
Next up: a double header!
That's right- we're going to be in two places at once!
OK, if you want to get all technical about it, our POTTERY is going to be in two places at once this coming weekend-- at both the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival (a Saturday only wonderful event in southern Maryland- you shouldn't miss it!) and here in West Virginia, basically in our backyard at Blackstone Raids. More details about those events can be found on our calendar page.
Now, i leave you with a few silly pictures from the past weekend:
This is a crow bottle, picked more or less at random, making a tour of the Art of Fire's Studio. It was fun to play about with the camera & all the colors at AoF! I can't imagine working in all that color everyday! (let alone dusting it all!) Still, it is amazingly beautiful!

So, with another thank you to Foster & Theda, our wonderful hosts for the weekend, i'm going to say goodbye for now. I've gotta go make some more pots!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pagan Pots!

i was asked about pots with pentacles on them. I do make some great pagan pots, but pentacles aren't the star (ah ah!) of this line. My unique pots have the Celtic/Pagan wheel of the year on them. Here are some informal pictures of what i do:

Here are some of the Pentacles i do put on pots- here on goblets from my Landscape line. Each goblet has the pentacle on one side & triple moons on the other. They sell for $29 each

And here we have some pictures of my Seasons pottery. The platters are a limited edition- i'm only going to make 365 of them. Each one is signed & numbered on the back. Right now we're in the 50s. We also have teabowls with one holiday on each (shown in front of the blue & green aka Landscape platter) and goblets (in front of the green & white aka Celtic Vine platter)

And finally, two bowls also in the Landscape pattern. The larger has all 8 holidays on it, the smaller only the 4 seasons/major holidays.

That's a brief taste of what we make in the pagan line. Come see these & other pots in person soon!
Bright Blessings

Monday, April 16, 2007

we're back from North Carolina Renn Fest!
Sadly, the last day got rained out, but big time.
We also got a wee bit o' rain back here in our little river valley. I had stayed at home this weekend, ostensibly to make more pots, but i mostly took pictures of the flooding of the river that runs just behind our house and studio. Those pictures are online at my Kodak Gallery.
The Faire closed early on the last Sunday, but D. couldn't leave till Monday morning because our trailer wasn't accessible until then. :(
We did fine at NCRF, but we're still broke, broke, broke. So we're both busy getting ready for our Open House at Art of Fire this next weekend. We'll have the new crow pots (she types in her most enticing voice) (pics of the newest pots later this week i promise!)
meanwhile, here's a picture of the welcoming committee greeting D.'s return from NCRF:

type at cha later, i gotta go finish some pots for this weekend!

Monday, April 02, 2007

North Carolina Renn Fest, 1st weekend report

Darrell's home safely from the first weekend at the North Carolina Renaissance Festival. We've got a great spot, just inside the front gate. The booth is up & full of lots of pottery & leather as well.
D. reports that Saturday was nearly perfect weather wise. Actually, he told me that the weather was too nice, if that's even possible! He's gotta stop with the crack smoking!
Anyway, according to D. Sunday was a disappointment both in terms of attendance and weather.
So, good citizens of Raleigh NC, what's up with that?!
You have two more weekends to check out the Renn Fest in your midst, so put on your Faire clothes & come out to play! It's a fantastic site full of friendly folks and wonderful crafts-- one might even say it's worth of a road trip (she types in her best come hither voice)(it's surprisingly difficult to type while batting one's eyelids!)
And don't forget to bring some Dancing Pig Pottery home with you as a souvenir of your day at the Festival!
See you at Faire (on the last weekend, at least)