Monday, April 02, 2012

Spring Calendar Update

 Here at Dancing Pig we're slow to update our website but we're disorganized! In response to overwhelming demand (read: 2 inquiries in the past month) we humbly present our spring tour info:

April 20, 21 & 22 10 til 5 each day
Spring Studio Tour at Art of Fire Laytonsville MD
We're heading back to our old Northern Montgomery County Maryland stomping grounds to kick off our spring season. We'll have the tent set up in front of Art of Fire's Gallery & as usual it will be full of new pots fresh from the kilns. Also as usual, TUATHA will be with us with her haul of amazing Celtic loot and handcrafted wood works. Come see us! We'll show you what's new!

 May 4, 5 & 6 2012  Noon til 7 Friday, 10 til 6 Saturday & Sunday Rain or Shine
Pennsylvania Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm Glen Rock PA

Whooot! We LOVE this 'Grandmother of Fairie Festivals' and it's their 21th year!!! Wonderful location, fantastic folks, great happy earth energy! We'll be back for our 7th year this season, at the top of the hill on Frodo's Eye. Bring your kids and your dogs and come play with us!
Good pots, great energy, a wonderful way to formally celebrate the arrival of Spring- we hope to see you there!

May 5 & 6 Dancing Pig will also have many pots for sale in  Tuatha's Booth* at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I have to miss this excellent show because it conflicts with my beloved Spoutwood Fairie Festival. So, we'll have lots of knitting bowls for sale at Tuatha. If you have any interest in yarn or the fiber arts, you need to come to this amazing show. There's free parking and free admission and you will need to bring all your cash, cause you'll find all sorts of things you didn't know existed and now can't possibly live without. I'm just sayin'
*that's TUATHA not Dancing Pig Pottery. We'll have lots of knitting bowls but also a whole lot of other awesome Celtic Loot for sale.

May 11, 12 & 13 10 til ? Rain or Shine
Maryland Faerie Festival Darlington Maryland

This is one of my favorite shows! My first Faerie Festival and still my favorite! It is soooo fun & genuinely magical. Bring your kids & your inner child & come out to revel in a beautiful NEW site. To quote their website: "The Goblins are whisking the Festival to a new place and date. Come celebrate the faerie in our new home & enjoy the pageantry, magic and mischief."
We're going to be at Camp Ramblewood in Darlington MD. Come add your energy to make a good festival a GREAT GRAND CELEBRATION OF SPRING & ALL THINGS FAE!!!

June 8, 9 & 10 
Wild Wonderful Wicked Woods at Ramblewood in Darlington Maryland

This is a new event and wonderful idea: an adults only Renaissance Faire, with a twist. It's a camping event at a magical location and a collaboration between the folks who bring us the Steampunk Worlds Faire AND the Pagan Spirit Gathering. That was enough to sell me on it. We're giving this show an enthusiastic try. You should too! *Please note- this is a participant only camping event! You must pay for the entire event, regardless of how long you stay*

June 13 til 20

Ragnorok XXV at Cooper's Lake Campgound, Slippery Rock PA
This is a wonderful event at the same location as Pennsic, but with it's own character and energy. We've never been to Ragnorok as merchants but are hoping to be there, both playing and working. Come on out and shop without the maddening crowds or (hopefully) heat of Pennsic.
*Please note- this is a participant only camping event! You must be in garb to be on site & you must pay for the entire event, regardless of how long you stay*

Potomac Celtic Festival Leesburg, VA
ackt. Wailey wailey. Crivens even. The Potomac Celtic Festival took a sabbatical last year (2011) but we'll be there whenever it does come back, i promise! Watch this space!!!

June 29 & 30 & July 1 Friday & Saturday 11 til 7 & Sunday 11 til 6
New York Faerie Festival in Ouaquaga, NY 
 Join us at the height of Summer for a refreshing frolic in the woods and the Otherworld...
This is the year we're finally going to attend! We've heard so many great things about this show and can't wait to finally see for ourselves. As the faeries themselves say "Elfin & Sylvan Folk, Wood Sprites & Faerie Folk, and All you Humans who still Believe in Magic...
Join Us in the Rolling Hills and Hollows of Rural New York for Central New York's Faerie Festival!
A time of Escape from ordinary Reality... into Magical Play!"
We're going to at last. Come explore with us!

ok, so the following aren't spring shows exactly, but we'll be there, so you should know about them, and come play with us!

Saturday July 21 10 til 5
Adams County Irish Festival Gettysburg PA
This show is almost literally in our backyard, so we'd be stupid not to give it a try. You should too. Come on out for a rare week-before-War apperance of your favorite frantic potter. Remember: anything you buy here you won't have to haul home from Pennsic (and we won't have to take there either!)

July 27 thru August 12
Pennsic War 41
Cooper's Lake Campground Slippery Rock PA
We had a great War last year, though i think we sold too many pots! (is that even possible?) Anyway, we're planning on coming back for my 28th consecutive War (relax, i've only been selling pots there for 18 or so of those) (& yes, thank you, i know i don't look that old!) What was i talking about? Oh yeah, Pennsic. We'll be there, with lots of pottery. Hopefully enough this time! ***Please note- this is a participant only camping event! You must be in garb to be on site & you must pay for the entire event, regardless of how long you stay***

August 25 thru October 21 Weekends and Labor Day Monday 10am to 7 pm each day

It will be our 13th season at Maryland & we're still having a great time! Come on out to play in the woods. There's great pottery, wenches in bodices, men in tights, pottery, turkey legs, beer, cider, improv & oh yeah, great pottery! We're still in our wonderful space, third booth in on the right from the front gate. So be sure to stop in early and often for lots of-- say it with me-- great pots!