Thursday, December 09, 2010

last in person shopping opportunity of the season!

Just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know that your last chance
to buy my pots in person this holiday season is happening this weekend. It's a
wonderful Holiday Open House in Laytonsville MD (northern Montgomery
County MD) at Art of Fire's Headquarters.
This is a great good time in a peaceful, beautiful location- Art of
Fire has a gallery in a converted dairy barn and they're making glass
all weekend long, plus there are two visiting artists in the gallery and
a wonderful assortment of handmade glass and ceramic gifts for sale.
Dancing Pig Pottery and Tuatha are set up in the garage next door. We've
got lots of pottery and wonderful handmade Celtic Gifts as well as hand
turned wooden pens and other beautiful gifts for scribes from my pal
Randy, a MD Renn Fest friend who's just starting out in the crafting
world (meaning his prices are great, come take advantage of him!)

All of this shopping is happening in a peaceful pastoral setting, far
from the maddening crowds at the malls. If you love giving handmade
thoughtfully crafted gifts, this is the place for you to shop. As an
added bonus, this is just one stop on a Studio Tour of great artists
scattered across the Maryland countryside. Lots of yarn, fiber, pottery
and other arts can be found- it's an awesome way to shop in a
responsible, sustainable way.

Please tell all of your friends and pass this along: do your friends a
favor and let's all stay out of the malls and big boxes this holiday

Holiday Open House and Studio Tour Dancing Pig Pottery at Art of Fire
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
December 10, 11 & 12
10 til 5 each day
questions? call us! Art of Fire: 301-253-6642
Dancing Pig Pottery: 304-377-1952

This year, let's take a break from the big boxes. Shop locally and
sustainably for your holiday gifts! Your favorite potter will be very
grateful if you do!
Wishing blessings and holiday bounty for us all!