Wednesday, December 17, 2008

mid December update

We're hunkering down here at Dancing Pig's World Headquarters, getting ready for a bit of a holiday break before we ramp up production for our spring run to Florida.
I'm making a few more knitting bowls, which i hope to have up on Etsy just before Christmas. (i know, useful, huh?!) I'm figuring a) better late than never & b) if Santa forgot to bring you one of these, maybe you could get one for yourself... (i am, after all, the Queen of Rationalization- Not Rationality mind. Just Rationalization. Big Difference.)

What else to tell y'all?! Not much, really. I'm just making pots, reading books, watching some tv & knitting like crazy... gotta get the birthday socks done (three December birthdays in my immediate family- pity me!) and then the hats & scarves i want to give my niephem when i go visit them in early January. My niece is getting a blueberry hat, cause that's her favorite food & she's really into faeries these days. Not sure if i should make a monster hat like the one Mary is wearing below (see what you missed if you skipped the Open House!?!) for the nephew or perhaps something a bit more staid, like a Hogwarts House Scarf. Any feedback is welcome!

I'm gonna go put some more pots on Etsy (you can head over there to shop anytime: & then it's knitting time for me!
Love, blessings & many wonderful pots for the holidays,

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

As has become our tradition, we're going to be at the Art of Fire's Holiday Open House and Studio Tour the first two weekends of December. I love this show! You will too! Come on out!
We've got on offer: Theda's awesome cookies, snuggles with random cats, the warmth of the glass studio, Tuatha's AWESOME Celtic goodies (jewelry, stained glass, Celtic Cards, Amazing Art, etc) and, last but certainly not least, piles of our fantastic pots. And as always, everything offered for sale here is handmade by real artisans who love what they do and add that love and integrity into everything we offer for sale. AND it's all very low stress & low key. The countryside is calm & soothing. The whole experience is as far from the maddening maul at the mall as you can get! Hell, do all your Holiday Shopping with us! (that's basically what i do!)

When is all this happening you ask?!
Why very soon, the first two weekends of December in fact:
Friday, Saturday & Sunday December 5, 6 & 7 and December 12, 13 & 14
We'll be there from 10 till 5 each day. Though, true confession, we won't really be set up until Saturday December 6- hardly anyone comes out to see us on the first Friday so we're planning on dawdling about & tweaking the set up that day- of course, Art of Fire and Allen will be totally ready to go, & we'll be glad to root about in the boxes to find cool stuff for you if you do show up on Friday. Just be gentle with us, we're very overworked & under rested pigs this time of year...
Here's where we'll be courtesy of Mapquest
Please come and say hello, we've missed you & would love to see you then!
PS: there will be puppies! Ursa and Budgth will be in attendance, ready to accept your scritches & offerings of snacks. How can you resist those faces?!