Sunday, February 18, 2007

Alright campers, i'm going to try something radically different here: an actual post about pottery!!!
This is a report on the show we did this past December. For the first two weekends of that month, we were on the Countryside Artisans Studio Tour. Our pals, the gracious & gifted Foster and Theda of Art of Fire Hot Glass Studios in Laytonsville, MD hosted us yet again. This time we got to set up in the Celtic Annex aka a carport/ garage across the parking lot from the wonderfully warm and colorful converted dairy barn that houses Art of Fire. There was enough space this time around that our friend Mary from Tuatha joined us. It was a great reunion for me, since Tuatha shared space with my when we had the open houses at my old studio in Damascus. I really missed spending time with my wonderful whacked out little goat aka Maria Maria aka the genius behind Tuatha.

We started out with this empty garage/carport:

and after a day and a half, some struggles with stapleguns & plastic sheeting, we ended up with a space that looked like this:

We were pretty impressed with ourselves. You would have been too, if you'd come out to see it.
But fear not my friends, you have a chance to redeem yourselves!!! Because the next show we're going to do in the mid-Atlantic area is the Countryside Artisans Studio Tour this coming April. Yup, we're gonna be at Art of Fire again & there's a 90% chance that Tuatha will be there too. One stop shopping for Celts & anyone else with great taste! So come on out to the Maryland countryside April 20-22 & see all our fresh new pots!!! We can't wait to see you there!

PS if you miss my longer, more personal less coherent postings, fret not! They've just moved over to my other blog: mudcelt. Check it out: you can still know more than you ever wanted to about my dogs, travels, struggles with procrastination and life in my remote valley over there.

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