Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Warm Imbolc Greetings

I got an awesome comment from a customer on Etsy today. She had bought two mugs from me recently and was making inquiries about buying two more. In her note to me she said: ""If you're wondering why so many mugs in a short span of time: I decided I hate washing glassware, and handmade ceramic is so much more satisfying to me to hold and use anyway" (from Jennet)
Isn't that cool?!
It makes me so happy that she prefers handmade pots to commercial glassware & even happier that she wants so much of MY pottery!
Selling my pottery is always useful in that it gives me money to buy more supplies so i can make more pots & it feeds my belly as well but comments like those feed my soul.
And the timing is perfect for Imbolc, which in my tradition is all about Brigit & her sacred hearth, the fire of inspiration that keeps us warm in the depth of winter.
What is keeping you warm "in the belly"(one of the original meanings of the word Imbolc) of this winter? I hope that whatever it is, you drink it from one of my mugs!