Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fairie Fest Fun!
Had to share the awesome pics my friend Lauren took at the Maryland Faerie Festival this year!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fairie Festivals!
just a quick note about how awesome the Spoutwood Fairie Festival was this year!
This event has become more than just another show for us, it's a wonderful great good time with awesome folk in an amazing setting. Shows like this remind me of why i work so hard at being a potter. It's an honor for me to be included among the awesome & talented artisans & the exuberant volunteers who do so much to create such a beautiful, sacred space.
For me, Fairie Festivals are full of amazing, intoxicating energy & Spoutwood Farm seems to be seeped in the accumulated magic of 16 years of this heady joy!
If you missed it, i'm sorry for you. Listen to me next time & come on out already!
If you made it out, thank you so much for contributing to the magic, laughter & light. Have you become as addicted to the fun of Fairie Festivals yet? Then come on out to the Maryland Fairie Festival on May 19 & 20. It's the same, but different. A different setting, a younger show, still full of earth centered joy. Come see for yourself!