Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Spoutwood Farms Fairie Festival 2014

boy it sure is muddy!

business fairies

Starring : Owl and Panda at their fairy-best! 
isn't this rat-fairy the best!
We wait all year to go to the Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farms!

It's one of Dancing Pig's favorite shows, and this year did not disappoint!
We arrived on Thursday to set up the tent and the basic bones of the structure, only to find that the landscape had changed not-insignificantly!
Which is to say there was lots more creek and a little less earth, and our bridge had been washed away! We made it work, and in no time our tent was up. (squishy earth sure makes pounding tent stakes easier!)

We went home to fire the last kilns (We are always waiting on the LAST KILN)
Friday arrived and we hiked on our tutu's and strapped on our wings, ready to fly into a magical fairy land for 3 DAYS!

For this show we focused on BIG and little, so we had a charming array of big giant vases, and perfect petite teacups, we've mixed up our BIG and little idea with sets of mixing bowls that nest together, some sets with as many as 7 bowls!

It's all a blur of glitter and wings and bagpipes and turtles and goblins and ice cream and SPARKLE CHAI now....if you saw us there, we loved seeing you! If you couldn't make it or have *gasp* never been....WHATS THE DEAL ALREADY!???!

We'll be there next year! With wings and bells and Bowls! we sure hope you will too!
(feel free to bring up the fairie fest any-old-time with Owl and/or Panda, but prepare for arm waving and squee-ing)
Panda gets abducted by Azog!

-- Panda and Owl 

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