Thursday, May 22, 2014

Co-Show! Dancing Pig Pots and Tuatha at the Ragged Edge Coffeehouse

MARCH 2014

Have you ever been to the Ragged Edge in Gettysburg, Pa? 

If you ever find yourself in Gettysburg, catching up on history or perhaps visiting your favorite potters, make sure this is one of your stops! It's a local institution, restuarant/coffeeshop/artgallery/garden hang-out spot, and we find ourselves there often, soaking up the wi-fi, drinking chai lattes and experiencing local art and community! 

We were pleased and flattered to have the opportunity to set up a month long showing in conjunction with our good friend Mary Panesis of Tuatha Gallery.

Her Rustic Woodworking, coupled with our Earthy Pottery made a display that was better than the sum of its parts. We are especially excited to share it with you as a peek behind the curtain, as we use Mary's art to display our pottery in our own homes, and she uses our pottery in hers!

We called it "Tea in the Cabin in the Woods", and if you couldn't see it in person, here are some of the highlights. 

Celtic Vine mugs on Live Edge shelving with hand forged iron fixtures

Rustic mugs and Teapot on Barn Board Tea Shelf

Blue Teapot on Barn board tea shelf

Mugs hanging from various wood and antler wall hooks 

Celtic vine teabowls atop a live edge, barn board and rustic wood shelf

Greenman mugs dangling from a large antler wall hook

Arabesque teaset 

Plain mugs with wood wall hooks

Many thanks to the Ragged Edge Coffeehouse for letting us punch a million holes in the walls (I see that you have since spackled them successfully). 

We deeply appreciate the chance to display the art we make, in the town we make it in! 
-Owl and Panda
BONUS DOG! (dogs allowed!)

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