Friday, May 30, 2014

Gettysburg Festival Arts Market & Bazaar

Gettysburg Festival : Art Market & Bazaar

Guess what's happening next? 

Dancing Pig Pottery doesn't have to venture far to experience a lovely, large scale event!

We are happily participating in the 7th annual Gettysburg Festival Art Market & Bazaar.

The Art Market is held on Gettysburg College Campus Grounds ( Pennsylvania Hall ) 
Friday June 13th, 3pm-8pm
Saturday June 14th, 10am-8pm

Gettysburg Festival is a 5 day event compromising so, so much more than just the facet we're participating in (although you should definitely come see us) The trip to Gettysburg is well worth it to enjoy all this awesome show has to offer! 

live performances, visual arts, stuff for the kids, culinary arts, open houses, and much much more! 

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