Monday, April 16, 2007

we're back from North Carolina Renn Fest!
Sadly, the last day got rained out, but big time.
We also got a wee bit o' rain back here in our little river valley. I had stayed at home this weekend, ostensibly to make more pots, but i mostly took pictures of the flooding of the river that runs just behind our house and studio. Those pictures are online at my Kodak Gallery.
The Faire closed early on the last Sunday, but D. couldn't leave till Monday morning because our trailer wasn't accessible until then. :(
We did fine at NCRF, but we're still broke, broke, broke. So we're both busy getting ready for our Open House at Art of Fire this next weekend. We'll have the new crow pots (she types in her most enticing voice) (pics of the newest pots later this week i promise!)
meanwhile, here's a picture of the welcoming committee greeting D.'s return from NCRF:

type at cha later, i gotta go finish some pots for this weekend!

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