Monday, April 02, 2007

North Carolina Renn Fest, 1st weekend report

Darrell's home safely from the first weekend at the North Carolina Renaissance Festival. We've got a great spot, just inside the front gate. The booth is up & full of lots of pottery & leather as well.
D. reports that Saturday was nearly perfect weather wise. Actually, he told me that the weather was too nice, if that's even possible! He's gotta stop with the crack smoking!
Anyway, according to D. Sunday was a disappointment both in terms of attendance and weather.
So, good citizens of Raleigh NC, what's up with that?!
You have two more weekends to check out the Renn Fest in your midst, so put on your Faire clothes & come out to play! It's a fantastic site full of friendly folks and wonderful crafts-- one might even say it's worth of a road trip (she types in her best come hither voice)(it's surprisingly difficult to type while batting one's eyelids!)
And don't forget to bring some Dancing Pig Pottery home with you as a souvenir of your day at the Festival!
See you at Faire (on the last weekend, at least)

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