Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pagan Pots!

i was asked about pots with pentacles on them. I do make some great pagan pots, but pentacles aren't the star (ah ah!) of this line. My unique pots have the Celtic/Pagan wheel of the year on them. Here are some informal pictures of what i do:

Here are some of the Pentacles i do put on pots- here on goblets from my Landscape line. Each goblet has the pentacle on one side & triple moons on the other. They sell for $29 each

And here we have some pictures of my Seasons pottery. The platters are a limited edition- i'm only going to make 365 of them. Each one is signed & numbered on the back. Right now we're in the 50s. We also have teabowls with one holiday on each (shown in front of the blue & green aka Landscape platter) and goblets (in front of the green & white aka Celtic Vine platter)

And finally, two bowls also in the Landscape pattern. The larger has all 8 holidays on it, the smaller only the 4 seasons/major holidays.

That's a brief taste of what we make in the pagan line. Come see these & other pots in person soon!
Bright Blessings

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