Monday, July 06, 2009

Dancing Pig Shirts For Everyone!!!

How cool is that?!
Yep! My friend Rob and I designed the first ever Dancing Pig Shirt.
A cool orange 100% cotton, printed in the US of A, with very fun dancing piggies on both the front and back.

The front of the shirt has 4 colours & 3 pigs w/ mugs. A conga line!!!

The back of the shirt is just one colour, with one pig & our awesome shop motto: Buy Two. Get More.

and we've come up with a cool, pre release special. If you buy the shirt before the end of July, we'll sign & number your shirt. Be the first kid on your block with a cool, personalized custom shirt from the awesomest potter you know!!!
added bonus: Anytime you show up in our booth wearing our shirt you'll get a 10% discount on anything you buy from us! That's right, a lifetime Dancing Pig Discount~ how can you pass that up, i ask you?
Buy the shirt now at my Etsy store <--click there to go directly to the listing for the shirt and while you're there, buy some pots too.
Remember:Buy Two, Get More!

I gotta go make pots for Pennsic.
Read all about my pre Pennsic Panic on my twitter feed. And become our fan on Facebook.
We're techno potters now, baby!
Next up on the technological front: a feed from my Etsy store to this blog. Hopefully coming soon.
Back into the mud for me.

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