Friday, July 17, 2009

Buy Pots (and Mead Kits) this Saturday!

Hello friends & fellow potheads!
Just a quick, last minute note to let y'all know that our friends from Ambrosia Farm will be selling our pottery and Brand New T-shirts along with their shirts and Awesome Mead Kits at the 10th Annual Adams County Irish Festival this Saturday July 18!
It's happening very near Gettysburg, PA an easy drive from DC and Philly. If you're going to Pennsic, this is a great chance to grab some mead kits & get them started so you can have some incredible home brewed mead to impress your friends with AT WAR NEXT WEEK!!! Yep, these are _quick_ mead kits. All you need to make a gallon of mead is the kit, a few pounds of honey, a gallon of water & a week or two for them to brew. If you can make tea, you can make these delicious meads! The kits are an elegant, affordable way to brew your own. Which you can then serve in Dancing Pig Pots, of course!
All of which can be found, at very reasonable prices, at AMBROSIA FARM's booth at the ADAMS COUNTY IRISH FESTIVAL this Saturday, July 18.
Hope you can make it, it should be a great good time! Me? I'm gonna stay at home in WV, frantically making pots for Pennsic! But say hello to Rob for me! And, as always, mention this post & you'll get 10% off all pots purchased at the show!

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