Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Well, it's been a month, but we're still really missing our Ani. In fact, our pain is "fresh" in some ways, because D & I got tattoos last week, in honor of Ani. Our friend Jill (an amazing, aspiring tattoo artist) designed the butterflies for us-- we told her we wanted black and white butterflies with attitude.
Black and white, cause those where Ani's colors. Butterflies because a) Ani loved to chase them b) they are beautiful but short lived, just like her c) At quote from Philip Pullman's beautiful novel, The Golden Compass that resonates with me so much. It's a witch (who lives much longer than humans do) explaining to a girl about why witches fall in love with men even though they know they'll die very quickly..."men pass in front of our eyes like butterflies, creatures of a brief season. We love them; they are brave, proud, beautiful, clever; and they die almost at once. They die so soon that our hearts are continually racked with pain. "

We put a bit of her ashes in the ink, so she'll always be with us.
This is what they look like...
this is mine:

and the hairy back on the right is Darrells:

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