Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's the end of the Renn Fest as we know it....
(but, actually, i don't feel fine)
I feel tired.
It was a good season. Mostly. But i'm worn out. Usually i get a few weeks off once MDRenn Fest is over, but this year, we're going down to Florida (almost 1,000 miles each way) for two weeks to check out the Sarasota Medieval Faire. No rest for the wicked, i tell you what!

The Sarasota Faire should be fun, but i seriously messed up on my timing: i thought i had TWO weeks between the end of MDRF and the start of Sarasota. And, technically, i guess i did. But i didn't include details like, oh, the time it takes to clean and close the booth at Maryland. And the time it takes to drive down to sunny Florida. You know, stuff like that. So, i've been busier than the proverbial one legged man in an arse kicking contest. But i'm still hopping around, doing my best to kick some butt, and make some pots in the process. I'm gonna manage to have some stuff for Florida. I *hope*. Gods willing and the creek don't rise. Further, i mean.

Here are a few pics from the past season at MDRF:
Pumpkins. I made alot of clay pumpkins. Here's a pic of some of them drying in the studio:
And here's what they looked like in front of our booth at Faire:

Since i'm writing this on Halloween, i'm done with the whole pumpking thing for this year. Phew! I made at least 200 of the suckers this year. That's alot of pumpkins. I had 40 to 50 a weekend at the Faire from mid September till closing weekend, and i sold out almost every weekend, often on Saturday even... Now that Halloween's done, you'd think i could catch a break, right?! Nope. Now, i'm making pirate mugs for Florida. Gotta have something to put on the shelves down there, so we can justify our week of lounging on the beach in between weekends of selling. Speaking of which, i need to go check the kiln. And then, hopefully, to bed for my very tired self. Will try to post more soon.

No, really.

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