Thursday, August 31, 2006

Procrastination is a wonderful thing, ain't it?!
And now, i even have a doctor's note!
That's right, folks, i have a medical excuse for slacking off: Lyme disease.
Apparently, i've had this lovely tick borne bacteria making it's home in my body for the past year or two. Explains the lack of motivation, energy & stamina, huh?
Now that i know, i gotta take the nasty antibiotics to deal with it.
Yipee, a month of making war on my gut. All the little beasties must die- good, bad and indifferent.
But hopefully, once they are gone, i'll be back to my usual cranky but more energetic self again.
In the meantime, i'm sleeping too much and eating alot of yogurt.
And (yeah, yeah, stop nagging) trying to make some pottery when i'm awake.
Got another bumpersticker recently that applies to my life these days:
Consciousness that annoying period between naps.
Speaking of which, i think it's time for my post breakfast lie down!

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Hey VA!

Did they make it bubblegum flavor like they did for Katie? She only had to take hers for 3 weeks--but then we caught it right away.

I'm thinking of going to get tested too---thought I just was jet lagged--but have been home awhile now.

Was so good to see you at War and to meet D. Hope it's not 5 years til we get to visit again.
Remember--we have a guest room if you ever wanna come back out to the NW.

Love and hugs,