Friday, January 25, 2013

Meet Obelix!

Say hello to Obelix! 
He's a new-to-me box truck: 92 E-350 w/ 50K miles on the rebult transmission. Bought him for $2,200 thinking only needed ~$250 repair on injectors. Turned out it was a bent crank shaft. (insert wHON Wha sound effect)

Ended up w/ newish engine (45K miles) for $1,600. Throw in $700 for title, tags & insurance & here we are: empty savings account & awesome box truck!

Now we need to add a ramp and build in storage shelves & we'll have a mobile storage shed. May never have to unload between shows again! That alone might be worth the money!

And here's a picture of Obelix's namesake, from the Asterix and Obelix comic books:

I think the similarity is striking. Don't you agree?!

We're currently taking suggestion for how to paint/decorate/wrap Obelix. The two current front runners are either a turn of the last century playbill, mostly words style thing: "Dancing Pig Pottery, featuring the amazing napping Owl" or a landscape with  the Uffington Horse, some standing stones and maybe Obelix in the corner. Carrying a pig and some cargo, of course...
Love this image of Obelix, well laden & off on an adventure! 

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Anonymous said...

I always liked art deco labels like the one on absinthe bottles.