Wednesday, December 17, 2008

mid December update

We're hunkering down here at Dancing Pig's World Headquarters, getting ready for a bit of a holiday break before we ramp up production for our spring run to Florida.
I'm making a few more knitting bowls, which i hope to have up on Etsy just before Christmas. (i know, useful, huh?!) I'm figuring a) better late than never & b) if Santa forgot to bring you one of these, maybe you could get one for yourself... (i am, after all, the Queen of Rationalization- Not Rationality mind. Just Rationalization. Big Difference.)

What else to tell y'all?! Not much, really. I'm just making pots, reading books, watching some tv & knitting like crazy... gotta get the birthday socks done (three December birthdays in my immediate family- pity me!) and then the hats & scarves i want to give my niephem when i go visit them in early January. My niece is getting a blueberry hat, cause that's her favorite food & she's really into faeries these days. Not sure if i should make a monster hat like the one Mary is wearing below (see what you missed if you skipped the Open House!?!) for the nephew or perhaps something a bit more staid, like a Hogwarts House Scarf. Any feedback is welcome!

I'm gonna go put some more pots on Etsy (you can head over there to shop anytime: & then it's knitting time for me!
Love, blessings & many wonderful pots for the holidays,

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