Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hail & Welcome to Dancing Pig Pottery's blog.
Here's what's happening this week:

Our big, biG, BIG news is that Dancing Pig Pottery finally has an online outlet- that's right, after years of foot dragging & excuse making, we're finally selling our pots online, and so far it's been great. We've got a shop over on Etsy, which is an awesome handmade/crafts marketplace. As a seller, i love how easy everything is for me over there. I should have done this years ago!
Check our our Etsy store & don't forget to bookmark it & share it with all your friends!

and then, there's this: Despite a stunning lack of publicity, we are in fact going to be in Maryland, THIS WEEKEND, selling pots. That's right, it's our semi-annual appearance at
Art of Fire's Open House & Studio Tour
I love this "rite of spring"! It's my first show of the spring season & i get to show off all the cool stuff we've been working on over the winter break. We'll have lots of chocolate pots and there will be lots of Ceilidh pots (the ones that Jill/Bran & i have been collaborating on) as well. Plus, our newest puppy, Ursa Minor, (pictured in this post) will be making her social debut. Even if you don't need pots (and really, doesn't everyone NEED pots?- don't answer that!) you should at least stop by for a chat & a cuppa tea.
That's all happening
THIS WEEKEND Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 11, 12 & 13
from 10 til 5 each day.

As an added bonus, our neighbor from Maryland Renaissance Festival, Allen the Printmaker, will be at the Art of Fire's Open House also. It'll be like a little mini Renn Fest Spring Preview!

Details about the other studios on the tour can be found here
Details about Art of Fire & a street address for mapquest purposes can be found here
and last but certainly not least, a direct link to our up to date calendar,
with the rest of our spring show schedule in all it's glory can be found here

(above: Ursa, cooling down after playing w/ the big dogs)


Genia said...

EXCELLENT!! See you Friday!

HWhite said...

A quick question unrelated to the website--which I am trilled about by the way.

Are your mugs & such dishwasher safe? I have been washing them by hand just to be safe since we got the dishwasher, but wanted to ask.


Genia said...

It was great seeing you all again (I was one of the first tourist Friday.)

I was looking for the link to the gal who sells the silver/amber jewelry. From Rapp. County.

My husband at was suprised that I didn't buy a particular bowl that I've been eyeing for the past two years. Now that I know he's prepared to accept it, I'll be looking closer at the pottery in December.....

You are going to be showing in December, right?