Sunday, December 02, 2007

holla to mah peeps!
just checking in, using my step-Mom's PC cause my much beloved iBook has died a horrible death. I did get 5 good years out of it, but am still stunned and saddened by its demise, which, like every computer death, ever, was bad timing.

It especially was bad timing because it means i didn't get to do any promotion for my annual Holiday Sale at the Art of Fire in Laytonsville, MD which happened last weekend.
Now, stop moaning & banging your head on the keyboard, cause it's also happening again next weekend. And that WILL be your last chance to shop Dancing Pig before the holidays.

So, be sure to come on out to the show THIS weekend: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, December 7, 8 & 9 from 10 til 5 each day.
Directions are here: directions to Art of Fire

We've got lots of pots for sale.
Great leather from GreenMan Leather & all sorts of great stuff from Tuatha.
There's even an extra special, previously unannounced special: we found & put together 4 Newgrange Lamps!!! That's right! If you act quickly, you can be the proud owner of one of these beautiful & very rare lamps. Complete your Newgrange collection & then collecting a new line of Dancing Pig Pots. We've got lots of Ceilidh & Crow pots & next weekend we'll have our first every casseroles, cookie jars & vases in both of those lines, fresh from the kilns.

Come on out & enjoy some holiday shopping with integrity. We're about as far from the maddening crowd at the mall as you can get, we've got hot cider, good cookies, a warm welcome & amazing loot for every Celt & anyone else with great taste on your list.
Plus, we're really, really broke right now & i really want a new computer-soon!. Please help support your friendly neighborhood freak... err, potter. oh, and get some great gifts for all the great folks on your list!

Thanks for your support & we look forward to seeing you this weekend!!!

PS did i happen to mention, in all my moaning about my computer's death, that i can't check mah email these days? Cause, well, i can't. So, if you want to communicate with me, please be old fashioned & call us: 304-377-1952. Thanks!

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