Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Maryland Renaissance Festival.
It's happening. Now.
So stop reading this, get your garb on & get out here.
It's fun. You'll like it. No, strike that. You'll freeking love it.
Turkey Legs, Pottery, Men in kilts, Wenches in bodices, Great Pottery, Good music & improv, lots of fun people watching. oh, and did i mention- Great Pottery!
You're still here?

Get out of here!!!
and remember unoffical motto Dancing Pig, esp when we're at MDRenn Fest:
"We're all here cause we're not all there"

Seriously folks, come see us at the Festival. Buys some pots. You'll be glad you did.
Here's the link: Maryland Renaissance Festival


Amy said...

I'll be down there 8/25, and will make sure to stop in to say hi!

Amy said...

Follow up comment:

It was wonderful seeing you all at Faire. We love our new pots, and will try to make it out to visit again!

Yvette said...

Damn, I missed Celtic weekend?!! Going for the 1st time this season tomorrow 9/22. Thank God I didn't miss Pirate Weekend too!!!! Nearly had a heart attack when I was checking vendor list on MD Fest website and couldn't find you at first, until the very end (I was scrolling up from the bottom. Forgot you moved to the front). Love the pics and your new improved website. Can't wait to see you. My husband and I have a shopping list. Until then... take care.