Thursday, June 22, 2006

My first show report!

Dancing Pig attended the first ever Western PA Fairie Festival a few weeks ago. This happened June 10 & 11th, at Cooper's Lake Campground, about an hour north of Pittsburgh. Yes, that's right campers, the same place that hosts Pennsic.

The weather was great, even a bit chilly if you were in the wind.
The crowd friendly if a bit sparse. The merchants awesome & the mood suitably festive and fey! Our sales could have been stronger, the crowd could have been larger, but all in all a postive experience. We'll be back next year. Hope you come on out too!

We had lots of fun! This fairie house on a turtle's back was amazing! Don't know if you can read it, but the yellow sign says "Fairieland or Bust!"

Darrell got inducted into the B. O. G. (Beloved Order of the Greenman) aka 'Groved' which made him very happy! We really liked the two oak trees that we were set up under. It was fun being in Eastrelm Royal as a lowely money grubbing merchant!

and here's one last picture of me, doing what i do best,
especially at a slow show on a sunny day!
Naptime for me! Speaking of which....

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